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We need engagement

The main purpose of NewAlba is to provide a platform for political traditionalism in Scotland. Scotland was traditionally a nation that was always more socially conservative than the rest of the UK, and one that was more economically social. We see a lot of value in that outlook.

We need supporters who have some bright new ideas. The future of Scottish Traditionalism is one of restoration - but also one of collaboration. Get involved to contribute.


We need media presence

The easiest way to engage with the people of Scotland on these issues is through media. Our aim is to provide media advocacy for Scottish Traditionalism, not solely to present our case, but to identify allies and unexpected friends along the way. 

Part of that means that we have to engage with forms of new media to begin that conversation. Get involved if you can help.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Image by MJ S


We need content

The platform exists primarily in literary form. Political questions are often not something that can be condensed into thirty second videos. The site offers everything from opinion pieces, to features, to commentary, to cultural comment. We are interested in content that contributes to Scottish Traditionalism from any angle - be it a cultural piece about highland dress or a hard-hitting commentary on recent government policy. We also encourage debate and response pieces. If you are engaged in this conversation and have something to say, the floor is essentially yours!

We warmly welcome submissions and pitches. If you are interested, click below to find out more. 


We need people

We are starting small, but thinking big. When the fog of the virus lifts, we intend to organise events to discuss the future of Scotland and how tradition relates to it. Although the preservation of traditional moral values is our priority, all the ways in which these values have shaped Scotland deserve so much discussion - our political, legal, and cultural traditions. 

Organising frequent opportunities for debate, discussion and general merriment will be a key aim. 

Keep an eye out for any upcoming events, lectures or discussions in the coming months.