Making the Traditional Case for Scotland's Nationhood


Our raison d'être is to change the narrative of Scottish politics. Within the independence movement, many political opinions have a home, but there is no hearth for traditionalists.


If we are to win over all of Scottish society in the fight for national freedom, the independence movement cannot restrict its movements to liberal groups; it must also appeal to the social conservatives, that is, the traditionalists.

What is 'Traditionalism'?

Traditionalism is often better known as 'traditional conservatism'. In word, it is a Christian view of politics - but it is not a world view necessarily dominated by religion. First and foremost, traditionalism is concerned with the protecting the common good, benevolent government, and encouraging virtue. Far from any form of neoliberal 'conservatism' which puts economics before the common good, traditionalism is concerned with human flourishing.

And Scottish Tradition?

At present, the independence debate is dominated by unhealthy progressivism, the amputation of traditional moral values, and a growing obsession with neoliberal economics. However, Scotland's foundations as a Christian nation, however, are diametrically opposed to this view.


Rather, Scotland has long been understood as a nation which is socially conservative and economically social. This is certainly a view that we will uphold. For centuries, our parliamentary legislation was established for the common good of the realm; our Kings were duty bound to benevolent rule; and our government was firmly established within the natural law tradition. Our political, cultural and legal history was all formed by traditional moral values. If there is a case for independence, it should preserve our national tradition - not dissolve it.

First and foremost, this website is a platform. Far from being a manifesto, it exists to encourage conversation. Many questions are on the mind of a Scottish traditionalist: How might traditional morality shape the new Scotland that we envisage? How has English influence poisoned our legal tradition? How is modern neoliberalism destroying Scottish cultural tradition? How can we revive the benevolent Christian political tradition that Scotland once championed?

Independence cannot come at the cost of our nationhood.

This project is the beginning of the conversation. Get involved if you are interested.

Ardaichidh Fireantachd Cinneach

Integrity Exulteth a Nation

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